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WELCOMING Spicy Orange Candle 60h

WELCOMING Spicy Orange Candle 60h

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Expertly crafted with natural vegetable waxes and essential oils, our Spicy Orange Candle boasts a warm and inviting scent. Its wooden wick adds a touch of rustic charm, while its vegan formula purifies the air. Enjoy up to 60 hours of burn time with this carefully selected candle.

  • A warm and uplifting scent of sweet orange and carefully selected spices like cinnamon and clove.

  • Made with a unique formula of carefully selected natural ingredients.

  • The candle has a long, clean and even burn thanks to the special blend of natural vegetable waxes and the wooden wick from fruit trees.

  • Essential natural oils, known to reduce the presence of bacteria and viruses, are incorporated into the formula of this unique candle.

  • The candle has been developed with specific waxes that melt at a low temperature so that you can use the melted oil from the candle for massage.

  • Cruelty free & Vegan.

  • Made in Sweden.

  • Free from: paraffin, parabens, stearin, synthetic fragrance & colour and other harmful toxins and chemicals.

    Massage: Many of us would be able to pour the melted wax directly from the burning candle onto the skin and feel comfort only. However, every individual has a different heat tolerance so we always recommend that you try a small amount on your skin before you pour any larger quantities. Our candles have been developed with specific waxes that melt at a low temperature so that you can use them for massage. You should never pour melted waxes or stearin from other candle-makers on your skin.
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Great Scent!!

The scent is amazing and truly enveloping! It transforms the room into a haven of comfort and warmth. Highly recommended!