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About Us

FAIR CANDLES is a family owned and managed company based in Stockholm, Sweden.  

At FAIR CANDLES we just love scented candles, we always have, and we always will, but we are conscious that scented candles are often toxic and made by chemicals so we wanted to create natural candles that we can use as much and as often we would like to without any harm to us or the planet.

The outcome of our passion and years of research and development is a product that mixtures health benefits with decorative and olfactive pleasure. We are particularly proud of the fact that all our candles are:

  • PURIFYING - FAIR CANDLES have purifying properties and they reduce the presence of bacteria and viruses in their surroundings when they are lit.
  • NATURAL - FAIR CANDLES are made with natural and nontoxic ingredients. You can use them as much and as often you want without worrying about the toxic components that are present in so many other candles.
  • LONG-LASTING & MULTI-USE - FAIR CANDLES are made with a blend of natural vegetable waxes for a long, clean and even burn. Thanks to their unique formula with purifying properties they can also be used as massage candles.
  • LIGHTLY SCENTED - FAIR CANDLES have a light and delicate scent thanks to carefully selected natural essential oils. 

 All our candles are Made In Sweden and Vegan.

Free from: paraffin, parabens, stearin, synthetic fragrance & colour and other harmful toxins and chemicals.