Say Goodbye to Toxic Candles - Switch to Natural Candles

Say Goodbye to Toxic Candles - Switch to Natural Candles

Are you in search of a way to fill your home with delicate fragrances without having to be concerned about inhaling harmful fumes? Stearin and paraffin candles are frequently used, but they can actually pose a health risk. In this blog post, we'll explore why natural candles are the best option, what makes them non-toxic and free from stearin, as well as how to find the perfect one for you. So if you’d like an alternative to conventional candles which is also safe, keep reading!

Benefits of Using Natural Candles in Home Fragrance

Making your home smell good is becoming more and more popular with natural candles. Natural candles are made from essential oils, plant waxes, and other natural substances which makes them a much healthier option than paraffin or stearin candles. These artificial options can contain toxins that can be released when burned, leading to respiratory issues in both humans and animals over time.

The main benefit of using natural options is that there are no toxic fumes being released into the air as all their ingredients come from nature instead of man-made chemicals like paraffin or stearin based ones. Furthermore, these candles tend to burn at lower temperatures so there's less risk of fire hazards or hot wax splatter around! Additionally, since they don't leave any wax build up after each use it saves you time on cleaning - just blow out the flame and it will be ready for next time without needing extensive cleaning afterwards unlike regular candle alternatives require! Moreover, their fragrances last longer compared to synthetic ones too so you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing them either; this makes them an especially great choice if looking for something long lasting rather than quick fixes every now then again!

Dangers of Stearin and Paraffin Candles

When it comes to creating a pleasant ambiance, stearin and paraffin candles are often chosen. Regrettably, these types of candles can be hazardous for human health if released into the air in large quantities. Burning them produces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as well as carbon dioxide and other particles that may cause irritation on skin, eyes, throat, nose or lungs when inhaled too much or for a long time. Additionally, VOCs have been related with an augmented chance of asthma attacks in children who get exposed to them regularly.

Moreover, stearin and paraffin candles are potentially risky due to their propensity of causing fires; they're usually made out of petroleum-based products which leads to soot buildup on walls around the place where they’re burning - something that could ignite near open flames or electrical equipment. 

Harvard University Medical School researchers also discovered smoke produced by burning stearic/paraffinic type candles contains compounds such benzene which has been linked with cancer risk if breathed frequently over long periods - thus making multiple daily uses unadvisable particularly if there are little ones living at home! To reduce exposure levels only use them occasionally rather than relying on them every day for lighting purposes.

What Makes Natural Candles Non-Toxic?

The increasing popularity of candles made from natural materials like soy, coconut and rapseed waxes is due to their sustainable sourcing. Natural candles are free of the harmful chemical additives that paraffin or stearin ones may contain, making them non-toxic when burned and better for people's health and the environment in general. They also have a longer burning time than traditional options because their melting points are higher. Wooden wicks are sometimes used for natural candles too, so you can rest assured there will be no risk of lead poisoning with these types of products. Furthermore, organic scents from essential oils infuse naturally into the air when burning these kinds of candles instead of artificial fragrances - which may include hazardous phthalates found in synthetic scents often added to commercial perfumes - making your home smell even more inviting!

Finding Safe, Stearin-Free Home Fragrances

Fragrancing the home can be a tricky business - traditional wax candles often contain stearin or paraffin, both of which are derived from petroleum and have been found to emit carcinogens when burned. However, there are now many all-natural options available that don't put your safety at risk. Soy candles made with 100% natural soy wax; beeswax candles made with pure beeswax; essential oil diffusers using natural essential oils; and reed diffusers which use scented oils in rattan reeds are just some of these alternatives that provide pleasant aromas while still being safe for you, your family and your pets. Additionally, vegetable-based waxes such as coconut or rapseed oil may also be used in place of paraffin or petroleum based ingredients to make more traditional looking candle products without compromising on safety. Be sure to read labels carefully though as not all non-toxic fragrances will necessarily live up to their claims - look for brands that use only naturally sourced ingredients like pure essential oils for added peace of mind.

How to Make Sure You Buy Non-Toxic Candles

When it comes to shopping for candles, many people may not be aware that they can be exposed to possible hazards. Several of the candles available on the market are composed of stearin and paraffin waxes which are products of petroleum. Stearin is a form of solid fat used as a hardening agent while Paraffin Wax consists of elements such as benzene, toluene, which can release hazardous gases when burned.
The best way to ensure you purchase non-toxic candles is by seeking out those made with natural ingredients like beeswax or soy wax. Beeswax does not produce any toxins when lit and Soy wax has a lower combustion rate than paraffin making them last longer before needing replacement. Additionally, make sure that the fragrance oils in your candle don’t contain phthalates or synthetic fragrances as these may cause skin rashes or breathing difficulties upon inhalation directly or through contact with hot liquid wax droplets during burning process. Essential oils provide an excellent alternative being all-natural and free from artificial components – furthermore their smell will remain for a long time!
Lastly, buy your non-toxic candle from an established source; doing some research about their manufacturing procedure ahead of purchase will guarantee you have quality assurance measures taken into consideration in each product sold there! Furthermore important guidance should also be provided regarding how long each candle should be lit at once (for no more than 4 hours) so as not to cause fire risks - this will keep yourself and others around safe!


In conclusion, natural candles are an ideal way of introducing a pleasant aroma to the home without needing to worry about the health risks that come with stearin and paraffin candles. Non-toxic ones offer an excellent safe alternative which can be used in any living space without having concerns over hazardous vapours or potential harm.

Are you seeking a candle that is not only attractive, but also gives off an inviting scent and a comforting glow? Then get your hands on one of these natural candles! Crafted with natural organic waxes, essential oils and other all-natural components, these candles will provide your home with an enchanting aroma. Plus, they come in multiple sizes so you can find the perfect one for any room. Don't hesitate - purchase a natural candle right away to enjoy the calming effects of nature inside your abode!
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