Collection: White Collection: Candles with Purifying Properties

Fair Candles: Essence of Purity

In the heart of our pursuit for harmony and purity, we introduce the Fair Candles White collection – a sanctuary of light designed to purify the air and enrich the soul. Each candle within this collection is meticulously crafted to embody the essence of tranquility and cleanliness, transforming any space into a haven of calmness and serenity.

Craftsmanship and Ingredients: At the core of our Fair Candles lies the commitment to natural purity and environmental respect. Using only the finest, sustainably sourced wax, our candles burn cleanly, emitting a gentle light that dances with the promise of a purified atmosphere. The wicks are carefully selected for their low smoke quality, ensuring a burn that’s as clean as the intentions behind them.

Aromatic Purification: Infused with a selection of the purest essential oils, each candle in the Fair Candles White collection is a beacon of aromatic bliss. From the invigorating essence of eucalyptus to the calming breath of lavender, these scents are chosen not only for their delightful aromas but also for their air-purifying qualities. Breathing in the gentle scents released by our candles, you invite into your space the age-old traditions of herbal purification and wellbeing.

The Collection:

  • Tea Tree: A light green and refreshing scented tea tree candle with sage, a hint of lemon and rosemary oil.
  • Light Lavander: A fresh scented lavender candle with a hint of lime and an underlying tone of eucalyptus.
  • Spicy Orange: A warm and uplifting scent of sweet orange and carefully selected spices like cinnamon and clove. 

Our Promise: In every Fair Candle, you will find a promise of purity, quality, and environmental mindfulness. Hand-poured with love, our candles are not just a source of light but a medium of transformation, turning every ordinary moment into a sacred ritual of purification and clarity.

Illuminate your world with the Fair Candles collection – where each flame is a breath of pure air, and every scent a step towards inner tranquility.

100% Natural Candles, Made In sweden.