About scented candles

Scented candles began to appear about 2000 years ago, which is about as long as ordinary candles have existed. Scented candles have evolved a lot since then and today there are many natural and vegan varieties of scented candles in our homes.

2000 years ago, candle production consisted only of animal fats, which were often a residual product of the animals. Candles made from animal products had a problem with them smelling very bad. They solved the problem by starting to add different scents to the candles that hide the scent from the animal fats. The scented candles immediately became very popular and were found in many homes. Scented candles have always been popular and since the 1990s, interest has grown at a rapid pace and the market is larger than ever.

During 2000 years, the scented candles have changed a lot in the manufacturing process and more different types of products are used in the process. Unfortunately, some of these products are very harmful to our environment and health. Paraffin is just such a product and originates from diesel production, which leaves a large environmental footprint. Candles made from paraffin also contain substances that are carcinogenic, which can have serious effects on our health. Stearin, on the other hand, is a product that is naturally degradable, but it is partly made from animal fats that come from the animal husbandry industry, which has a major impact on the environment.

The scented candles at Fair Candles are completely natural, completely vegan and made in Sweden. This means that the scented candles are without stearin and paraffin, and use essential oils which are a natural product made from pressed plants. Our natural scented candles do not contain toxic chemicals but instead provide health benefits in the form of air purification and give you a good conscience every time you light one of our candles.